Barn Berlin La Colina

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This is the first year working with Antonio Medina who runs La Colina. This coffee definitely stood out on our cupping table with flavours of milk chocolate, citrus and macadamia. The cup is well balanced with body and acidity in harmony. In the cooling, the coffee lingers with notes of cranberry and nougat. La Colina convinces with a unique cup profile.

Grown at 1700 metres, our coffee is a blend of two classic old world varietals: Caturra and Bourbon. It was sun-dried on patios. La Colina translates into “The Hill”, named after the elevations of the land. Initially, Antonio planted only basic grains like corn and beans. But he also tells that it has always been his dream to have a coffee farm. In 1991, the first coffee tree was planted. Slowly but surely, Antonio increased the number of trees and the production capacity.