Thunders Love NAUTICAL TURN Montauk Socks

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  • Our Montauk Socks present a vintage design with three horizontal stripes at the top. They are made with Egyptian cotton yarns, in white, red and blue tones. We use distressed colors by the pass of the time, keeping all their essence and personality. 

    We complete the design with a chromatic detail in the tip and in the heel, getting them a vibrant touch. This combination mix a bold red with white that give it worn appearance. We also introduce elastic in all the socks getting a perfect fit and our hosiers finish the garment by hand to create a seamless sock. 

  • - High quality Egyptian cotton
    - Hand-linked toe
    - Skin-friendly cotton
    - Optimum durability
    - Pilling resistance
    - Excellent perspiration
    - Perfect fit thanks to elastic in all the sock
    - Fashionable summer look

Thunders Love NAUTICAL TURN Montauk Socks
Thunders Love NAUTICAL TURN Montauk Socks