CandleHand "CrossedFingers" Pink

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Whatever you are going for, we’ve got fingers crossed for you. The most supportive candle out there is handmade and looks like a real hand. This candle is a vibrant pink and is packaged beautifully. Just remember – if a candle believes in you, you can believe in you too!

CandleHand is known to be great for lighting up your interior, expressing your feelings or just making a cheeky, special gift for your friends. Each and every CandleHand is 100% handmade. No, seriously, 100%. Even the shape of it is an exact copy of a real hand. But you’ll know it when you see it. It’s solid, around 400 grams weighing life-size beauty. The texture and the lines make it so realistic, we don’t make it skin colored, so it wouldn’t cause any misunderstandings.