Monokel Robotnik Black - Grey Solid Lens

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Simple in style, yet full of personality, the Robotnik combines clean lines and understated sophistication. The sharp rectangular frames are crafted by hand from organic- and biodegradable acetate, while the stainless steel hinges and coated screws ensure premium quality for lifelong wear.

Black. The essence of timelessness. We make our Black colourway by mixing black ink with raw biodegradable cellulose acetate. Cellulose is the most common organic compound on planet earth. We use cotton and wood pulp due to their inherently high percentages of cellulose, and their small carbon footprint as compared to similar synthetic fibres. The result is a highly durable, hypoallergenic material, made from renewable resources.

Grey lenses are known for their classic style and versatility. They’re great for reducing glare on both sunny and cloudy days, while also providing anti-fatigue benefits. Grey lenses have the added benefit of allowing true color perception - showing the color of objects in their purest form. All our lenses feature anti-scratch and anti-reflective treatment with 100% UVA/UVB protection. Made by renowned German lens- and optics manufacturer Carl Zeis


  • Handcrafted from organic- and biodegradable acetate
  • 100% UV protective Carl Zeiss Vision CR39 lenses
  • 5-Barrel OBE Stainless steel hinges
  • Teflon covered hinge screws
  • Saddle nosebridge
  • Rectangular rivets on front
  • Includes protective case, cleaning cloth and box for storage

  • Frame width:
  • 139.5 mm
  • Frame height:
  • 46 mm
  • Lens width:
  • 48.7 mm
  • Nose width:
  • 21.5 mm
  • Temple length:
  • 145 mm
Monokel Robotnik Black - Grey Solid Lens
Monokel Robotnik Black - Grey Solid Lens
Monokel Robotnik Black - Grey Solid Lens
Monokel Robotnik Black - Grey Solid Lens